BMW i4 Driving the Future: Embracing the New All-Electric Era with Excitement

The BMW i4 as an all-electric sedan that combines luxury, performance and sustainability. Emphasize its importance as a flagship electric vehicle in BMW’s lineup.

Built for balance BMW i4

The i4 M50 is designed with BMW’s famous near-perfect 50/50 weight distribution. This means that the weight of the vehicle is more evenly distributed between the front and rear axles, resulting in better balance and handling characteristics. Balanced weight distribution improves traction, stability and overall response during cornering and acceleration. This feature contributes to a more engaging and dynamic driving experience.

Confident and quick BMW i4

The BMW i4 is equipped with suspension components and body panels made from innovative materials to enhance its performance and handling characteristics. High-tensile steel and aluminum are two materials commonly used in the construction of the i4. High-tensile steel provides excellent strength while reducing weight, allowing for a lighter overall vehicle without compromising structural integrity. Aluminum is lighter and offers higher stiffness, contributing to better handling and responsiveness.

Electrifying Style Design

The BMW i4 showcases a futuristic design language that takes the elegant Gran Coupe styling to new heights. The exterior design of the vehicle seamlessly blends flowing lines, sleek contours and aerodynamic elements, creating an attractive and dynamic silhouette. Futuristic styling cues, such as sculpted surfaces and sharp character lines, contribute to the i4’s unique visual identity.

BMW i4 showcases a sleek and stylish exterior design

Gran Coupe Influence: The BMW i4 takes design cues from the Gran Coupe lineage, which is known for its elegant and sporty styling. The Gran CoupĂ©’s influence is evident in the i4’s overall proportions and design elements, which emphasize a harmonious balance between luxury and performance.

Long Wheelbase: The i4 has a long wheelbase, which refers to the distance between the front and rear axles. This extended wheelbase not only enhances the visual appeal of the vehicle but also offers several benefits. This creates more interior space, allowing for a more comfortable cabin and ample legroom for both front and rear passengers. The longer wheelbase also contributes to better stability, smoothness on rough surfaces and better handling dynamics.

Short overhangs: The BMW i4 has short overhangs, which are the distance between the wheels and the front/rear edges of the vehicle. The low overhangs give the i4 a more compact and athletic look. Shorter overhangs improve vehicle maneuverability, making it easier to navigate tight corners and parking spaces. They also contribute to weight distribution and balance, enhancing the i4’s overall performance and driving dynamics.

BMW i4 boasts a dramatic exterior design

Classic BMW Design Details: The i4 features classic BMW design details that have become synonymous with the brand’s heritage and identity. These timeless design elements include the kidney grille, which serves as a signature feature on BMW vehicles. The kidney grille on the i4 has been designed with a modern twist, blending seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of the vehicle. Other classic BMW design cues, such as sculpted lines, muscular proportions and dynamic contours, contribute to the i4’s dramatic and captivating appearance.

Ikon Adaptive LED Headlights with Laserlight: The BMW i4 eDrive40 variant offers the innovative feature of Ikon Adaptive LED Headlights with Laserlight. These advanced headlights deliver exceptional illumination and visibility while enhancing both safety and aesthetics. Icon Adaptive LED headlights adapt to different driving conditions by automatically adjusting light distribution, range and intensity. Laserlight technology, available as an option, further enhances visibility with its powerful and precise light beams. The combination of these technologies not only improves visibility for the driver but also creates an engaging visual signature that sets the i4 apart.

Making a Lasting Impression: The i4’s dramatic design elements and innovative features work together to create a lasting impression. The fusion of classic BMW design details with modern advancements creates a sense of familiarity and sophistication, while the incorporation of innovative technologies adds a touch of exclusivity and forward-thinking. The attention to detail and careful integration of these elements ensure that the i4 commands attention and leaves a lasting impression on everyone who sees it.

BMW i4 is designed with a strong focus on aerodynamics

Aerodynamic Design: The BMW i4 has been carefully crafted to minimize drag and maximize aerodynamic efficiency. Every curve, contour and surface of the vehicle has been carefully optimized to minimize wind resistance. The result is a sleek and streamlined exterior that allows the i4 to slice through the air with minimal turbulence.

Rear Diffuser: The rear diffuser is a key component in the i4’s aerodynamic design. Located at the bottom of the rear bumper, the diffuser helps manage airflow as it exits the underside of the vehicle. Its purpose is to reduce air pressure and turbulence, allowing smoother air flow and reducing drag. The intricately designed rear diffuser on the i4 not only enhances its aerodynamic performance but also adds a touch of sportiness to its overall appearance.

Aerodynamic Wheels: The i4 offers aerodynamic wheels, which play a vital role in reducing drag and improving overall efficiency. These wheels featured distinctive design elements, such as sculpted spokes and optimized contours, to reduce air resistance. By carefully managing airflow around the wheels, the aerodynamic design helps reduce turbulence and drag, ultimately increasing the i4’s efficiency and range.

Wheel Diameter: The i4 eDrive40 variant offers aerodynamic wheels with a diameter of up to 19 inches. Larger wheels create more drag, but BMW has carefully designed these wheels to maintain optimum aerodynamic performance without compromising on style or functionality. The chosen wheel diameter strikes a balance between aesthetics, aerodynamics and ride comfort, ensuring a pleasant driving experience.

BMW i4 offers a luxurious interior

Full Five-Seater Configuration: The i4 has been designed as a full five-seater, ensuring that all passengers travel in comfort. The spacious cabin offers ample legroom and headroom for both front and rear occupants. This configuration allows for a versatile and enjoyable driving experience, whether you are traveling with friends or going on a long trip with family.

BMW Curved Display: The interiors of the i4 feature the modern and visually appealing BMW Curved Display. This large curved display integrates the instrument cluster and infotainment system into an intuitive, driver-focused interface. The curved design not only enhances the overall aesthetics of the cabin but also improves visibility and accessibility to the vehicle’s essential information and entertainment features. With its high-resolution graphics and intuitive controls, the BMW Curved Display adds a touch of sophistication to the i4’s interior.

Sport Seats with Premium Upholstery: The i4 comes standard with Sport Seats, which offer excellent support and comfort during the drive. These seats are designed to enhance the sporty character of the vehicle, offering a combination of style and functionality. The sport seats can be upholstered in perforated Sensatec, a high-quality synthetic material that resembles leather, providing a plusher feel. Optionally, Vernasca leather is available as an option, adding to the premium ambience of the interiors. The choice of upholstery materials ensures that the interior of the i4 reflects both comfort and luxury.

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